Over a 30-year business career, entrepreneur and writer Robert von Goeben has done lots of cool shit, and also wrote about it. Robert has also been featured in scores of media from interviews to speeches to commercials.

Most recently, Robert was the co-founder Green Toys, the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly children’s products and a pioneer in the use of recycled material in consumer products. Literally started in a Silicon Valley garage, Green Toys has grown to become a global brand and one of the industry’s most beloved companies. Robert was the company’s CEO and head of product development, and retired from the business after the sale of the company to private equity firm The Friend Group.

Robert previously founded Propellerhead Studios, a Silicon Valley design studio specializing in electronic toys and games. Propellerhead worked with many leading toy companies, including Mattel, Radica and Wild Planet.

During the first dot-com era, Robert worked as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was the founder and Managing Director of Starter Fluid, a top-quartile returning venture capital fund backed by leading institutional and corporate investors, including Compaq Computers and the University of Chicago. Before that, Robert was a founding director of Redleaf Venture Management, one of Silicon Valley’s first Internet-focused venture capital funds.

Before that, Robert spent many years in technology in the entertainment field. He started and ran the online division of Geffen Records, establishing one of the first online programs in the entertainment industry. In 1994, Robert and the Geffen team developed what is considered the first digital delivery of music, for which Robert was nominated for the ComputerWorld award by the Smithsonian Institution. Before that Robert worked in digital imaging with Applied Graphics Inc., working with leading entertainment companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, MCA, etc.

A prolific writer, he has contributed to many publications, including Upside Magazine, CNET, HotWired and Bold Italic, and is an author of  books on diverse topics such as venture capital, baseball parks, cigars, and vodka. He was the co-author of The VC Comic Strip, a widely read parody of venture capital.

Robert lives in Mill Valley, CA with his wife Kathryn Siegler, a world renowned fine artist.

Robert has an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BA in Mathematics from the State University of New York. He holds two US Patents in the field of toys and games.

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